24 January 2011

curioso y real, Bright woman are brilliant in bed

But it's not just having brains that counts, it's knowing how to use them in your relationship.
Women have protested it for years, but a (male) scientist has finally discovered that the most important erogenous zone on the female body is, indeed, the brain. Intelligence, not beauty, is the deciding factor when it comes to enjoying sex, which will come as a great relief to clever-but-oh-so-plain girls everywhere.

Moreover, for high-flying career types who spend their days immersed in acquisitions and mergers, or sweating over shareholders' reactions to worse-than-expected first-half losses, the strategic line management of a mere husband come lights out is a walk in the park.

High levels of emotional intelligence also makes it easier for women to fantasise during foreplay. So what if we're secretly running our imaginary hands over the craggy nooks of Jeremy Paxman, Simon Schama or Richard Dawkins? There's no harm done, as long as we don't actually close our eyes and, instead of moaning, "Oh God, oh God…" at a particularly inopportune moment of congress, start asking ourselves: "But what if there is no God?"

Bright women are brilliant in bed http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/5314096/Bright-women-are-brilliant-in-bed.html

A study has revealed that women endowed with emotional intelligence have superior sex lives because of their skill at expressing themselves and empathising with their partner.

Bright women apparently have twice as many orgasms as their peers, which of course makes perfect sense.

Novelist Isabel Allende once famously declared that the G-spot is located in a woman's ears; words are the greatest aphrodisiac. Perhaps the reason why emotionally intelligent women have more fun is because they intuitively choose the best (or at least, most biddable) partners, who are imaginative, appreciative and can, at a push, chat a bit while in flagrante.

A woman with a soupçon of common sense can spare herself a lot of grief, boredom and misery by applying her intelligence to weeding out life's roués, rogues and rotters. Whether it's due to IQ or straightforward female intuition is a moot point, but Don't Sleep With Someone You Wouldn't Give A Job To is a fairly sound ground rule.

But I would aver that having a blast in bed has less to do with intelligence per se than confidence, of feeling loved, or at the very least, liked. And a shrewd woman, a woman with self-esteem, will only sleep with a chap who likes her.

Beauty, you see, may get a man into bed. But brains will ensure you know what to do with him (and vice versa) when you get there.

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