05 May 2010

Quick Sex Recipe - Thirty Minutes or Less-1

By Pala Copeland and Al Link
Quick, satisfying sex is one of the great oxymorons of our time. An oxymoron is the juxtaposition of two things that you would not expect to go together-like "biggest little whorehouse in Texas", "virgin birth", "predictable chaos", "random order", "congressional ethics", "progressive conservative", "even odds", "military intelligence", "junk food", and "jumbo shrimp". Our mission impossible assignment, and we decided to accept it, was to come up with a thirty-minute recipe for great sex. Get your stopwatches out. Thirty minutes or less-and it is free-here is the recipe.
Make eye contact. Hold that eye contact. You say something like, "You are gorgeous, completely stunning. I am rendered speechless just looking at your smile. I am so turned on that I can't help myself." Come together kissing-deep French kisses using your tongues. She immediately grabs you by the crotch. You moan, "Oh God!" Your erection is already a major event. She whispers into your ear, "I want you inside me, right now!" Time elapsed: 5 minutes!
You throw her down onto the floor, or swoop her up in your arms and onto a bed or nearby couch, or large padded chair. You jump on top of her in an instant. Tear each other's clothes off. If you have really abandoned yourselves, really let go of all control, you will actually rip and tear them. She takes the tails of your shirt and yanks it open, ripping off several buttons in the process. You pull her skirt up around her hips, grasp her panties in both hands and tear them from her body in one swift action. You are both breathless and growling like animals. Time elapsed: 7 minutes!

Push her bra up around her neck and suck hard on her exposed breasts, cupping them in your hands as you work them, building her desire to a frenzy. Her nipples are hard knobs of excitement. She moans and cries out with the pleasure of it. You whisper in abandoned passion, "I've got to have you. I want you. I love you." She replies, "Yes, yessssss! Please give it to me." Elapsed time: 10 minutes!

She unzips your pants and takes your penis and scrotum full into her hand. Your are already on the edge of ejaculating-your excitement is so intense. She pulls your scrotum down from your body, as you scream, "Ahhhhhgggg", a primal animal scream that carries the hot sexual energy up through your body away from your burning, bulging genitals. Her gentle testicle tugging, and your primal animal scream help you delay your ejaculation. Elapsed time: 13 minutes!

You turn around and enclose her erect clitoris in your mouth. She takes your jade stalk into her mouth. You suck in unison. She climaxes instantly and cries out, "Oh yes baby, yessss! Please give it to me. I can't wait another minute." You put your index and middle finger one to two inches insider her yoni, turning them up toward the ceiling and finds the G-spot. She climaxes again, deeper this time and more internally, as she writhes and moans in delight. Pre-cum drips from the end of your penis as she now holds it in her hand for caressing and adoration. She licks the clear, odorless, tasteless, deliciously slippery liquid as fast as it is secreted. She knows this is not ejaculate, but an indication of your peak arousal. Elapsed time: 20 minutes!

As you roll over, she settles on top of you, taking you full inside with one swift, incredibly agile move. She gasps at the enormous magnitude of you, and her ejaculate gushes out hotly across your pubic bone, dribbling down to tickle your anus. She begins thrusting rapidly, screaming like a wildcat. Elapsed time: 29 minutes!
She climaxes for the third time as she presses down hard against you, at the same moment reaching down with the index finger of her left hand, and pushing it ruthlessly into your anus. You cum instantly. Sweat covers your bodies as you lie still together-sated, spent, all tension gone, completely at peace, delirious in the safety and comfort of each other's embrace. Elapsed time: 30 minutes!

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