08 May 2010

How to Have Quickie Sex

By vivianmarkum
Some of you might be saying that quickie sex is the only sex you ever have , in which case you should be reading a "How To Last Longer in Bed". The kind of quickie sex this article is about is the kind of sex that is spontaneous, unplanned sex in creative places at creative times.

Step 1Find a partner. Believe it or not , quickie sex is gonna happen a lot more often if you are married or have a girlfriend, although it is possible to find a casual sex partner or a complete stranger.

Step 2 Although quickie sex is spur of the moment excitement, you should still do some planning. If you are a woman where skirts , crotchless panties or no undies at all. If you use birth control of any sort , make sure you have a condom handy , or have taken your pill , etc...

Step 3 Guys , you should scope out areas , times of the day where you and your woman can have some risky sex , at risky areas , at risky times , where you wont get caught. Same goes for you to when it comes to the undies. Don't wear any if you are planning some surprise sex in public.

Step 4 Movie theaters , hiking trails , under the table with your hands while you are out to dinner , the ever so popular back seat of the car, get risky on a train or subway (bring a blanket) , elevators are always fun , at the beach (wade out into the water to cover yourselves), in your back yard, swimming pools.

Step 5 Quickie sex can still be fun at home. Right before you leave for work, right before you have guests over, in the laundry room , in the kitchen, in the bathroom , on the tool bench, on the pool table.

Step 6 Us ladies really have the power to have a lot of fun with this since rarely will we be denied by our man to try something wild and crazy. Guys , you may have to deal with a few let downs , but with enough creativity and planning , you will get what you need eventually. Also it helps to get on one of those social networks that cater to the more kinky side of life.

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